Quebec, January 26 2021 – The former senior associate chief judge of the Superior Court of Quebec, Me Robert Pidgeon, comes out of his short retirement to return to his primary passion: law. Having removed his red robe and flap at his 75th birthday last June, Me Pidgeon chose to join the Cain Lamarre firm to share his invaluable experience, this time, as a consulting partner.

Training, mentoring, and advising Cain Lamarre’s team will be at the forefront of Robert Pidgeon’s new professional life. He continues to contribute to the law’s advancement and the improvement of practice in the judicial community. Throughout a thriving 50-year career, his professional path has led him to be particularly sensitive to the different realities of the practice across Quebec. This makes him a primary reference for the firm’s professionals.

“It is a great honour to welcome Me Pidgeon in our team. As a consulting partner, and having regained his full freedom of speech, he will contribute to the development of all our professionals and our practice, both through his sound advice and his in-depth knowledge of the legal system.”

Me Gina Doucet, Managing Partner of Cain Lamarre

“With its presence in eight regions of Quebec and its well-structured organization, choosing Cain Lamarre was a natural choice for me. Being able to pass on my knowledge of ethics and professional conduct, in addition to my entire professional background, to 220 members of the Bar and 30 notaries, is something I am extremely pleased about. The flame of the law continues to live within me, even after all these years, and to keep it alive in this way is a true privilege for me.”

Me Robert Pidgeon, new consulting partner of Cain Lamarre