Specialized in deontology and in professional and disciplinary law, Me Véronique Brouillette uses her extensive knowledge to offer a personalized service. From the development of strategic proposals to the final presentation, including, for example, support for disciplinary investigations, she involves and accompanies her clients at every stage of their case.

Over the years and through her collaborations with professional orders, Me Brouillette has acquired in-depth knowledge of professional law. An accomplished litigator known for her thoroughness, Me Brouillette has developed a specific expertise in matters of sexual offence and issues related to the transgression of professional boundaries.

For her practice, Me Brouillette regularly pleads before various authorities in disciplinary matters, illegal practices, and extraordinary remedies. She is also an advisor for the syndic’s offices and the general management of various professional orders, among others, to assist them in matters of regulation, member admissions, and access to information.


We offer a full range of professional law services ranging from legal advice to strategic support, in all legal remedies, including in particular all types of extraordinary remedies such as injunctions, appeals for judicial review and the motion for declaratory judgment, recourse in matters of illegal exercise of a profession, access to the profession and disciplinary law. More specifically, our expertise focuses on:

  • Legal consultation, strategic support, and legal opinions with the various players involved in professional orders (general management, board of directors, executive committee, all statutory and permanent committees, office of the syndic and syndic ad hoc);
  • Representations before the courts of original general jurisdiction in the context of extraordinary appeals (injunctions, appeals for judicial review and requests for a declaratory judgment);
  • Support for syndics and syndics ad hoc during investigations;
  • Representation of syndics and syndics ad hoc before disciplinary boards;
  • Conferences and tailor-made legal training adapted to the needs of professional orders;
  • Support in the drafting of regulations;
  • Representations in the penal chamber in prosecutions for illegal exercise and theft of titles;
  • Advice to professional orders on ethical, legal, systemic and governance issues.

Under the leadership of the late André Gauthier, Bâtonnier of Quebec, our firm has developed cutting-edge expertise in supporting and representing many professional orders and self-regulatory organizations whose primary function is the protection of the public.

Beyond traditional legal services, we have substantial experience with professional orders and are aware of their concerns and the current issues they are experiencing. We know their inner workings and their history in many ways.

Due to our close relationship with many professional orders and self-regulatory organizations, we can provide high value-added services that are not disembodied.

This intimate knowledge of orders allows us to offer a range of professional legal services as well as advice and strategies that are adapted to the needs of organizations ensuring the protection of the public.

Our services are part of the values that we advocate and apply on a daily basis, namely integrity, transparency and thoroughness. It is what the orders expect and is what we deliver.

For any questions relating to these areas of expertise, we invite you to contact Me Véronique Brouillette, through her assistant Geneviève Litalien, at 1-514-393-4580.