Business law

  • Commercial law
  • Corporate law
  • Banking law
  • Corporate financing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax law
  • Cooperative law
  • Franchise law
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Construction law
  • Agriculture and agrifood law
  • Real estate law (sale, acquisition, and leasing)
  • Information technology law
  • Maritime law
  • Mining, energy, and natural resources law
  • Fisheries law
  • Trusts
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Public contracts
  • Estate planning
  • Intellectual property
  • Foreign transactions
  • Governance
  • Securities
  • Partnership agreements

With the expertise of lawyers and notaries devoted to promoting the growth and economic vigor of our clients—corporations, companies, organizations, institutions, and entrepreneurs alike—Cain Lamarre has made a name for itself in business law.

Whether your business is starting up, in a growth phase, undergoing restructuring, seeking financing, developing new products or markets, or in the process of transferring ownership to a new generation or new owners, our legal professionals are well equipped to help you achieve your business objectives within the legal framework governing your industry. We provide not only the legal advice you need to tackle sensitive issues, but also guidance to apprise you of certain legal constraints or ways to steer clear of trouble—all in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

Our team takes a creative approach, to find innovative and effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. As partner in your success, our goal is to develop a real relationship of trust so we can take targeted preventive action to create added value for your company. That’s another reason you’ll find such wide diversity among our legal professionals—both in terms of expertise and approach.

Our lawyers and notaries are very available to clients and active in their fields. Not only are they familiar with your network of contacts, they are also renowned for cultivating strong relationships with government and broader public organizations, regulatory authorities, and financing partners that can play an important role in your company’s prosperity.

We are active in a broad range of areas:

  • Business incorporation
  • Shareholder agreement, company contract, joint venture, partnership, and franchising agreement
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate records
  • Commercial agreement with clients, suppliers, distributors, and partners
  • Merger, acquisition, sale, and corporate restructuring
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Call for capital through private investment, venture capital, or public offering
  • Investment funds or venture capital funds
  • International affairs
  • Corporate financing, structured financing, and financial lease
  • Business transfer