Access, protection of personal information and privacy

Cain Lamarre offers legal services in protection of personal information and privacy matters. We are well aware that companies today manage and generate an important amount of data containing personal information which, when used and disclosed, may have a real impact in the lives of the individuals concerned. A breach in confidentiality can tarnish a company’s reputation and undermine client and employee trust.  We can support the person in charge of the protection of personal information and privacy who monitors your compliance and governance.Cain Lamarre also offers legal services in matters of access to information, whether it be to individuals, publics organizations, professional orders or private businesses, in the treatment and assessment of requests to access files, and for representation before tribunals on personal information and privacy protection issues.We can assist the person in charge of the access to information.

Our expertise in protection of personal information:

  • Support in data mapping of the personal information collected;
  • Identification of the purpose of collection and use of personal information, and of the obligation to obtain manifest, free, and enlightened consent, given for specific purposes;
  • Study and drafting of in-house practices and directives on governance in matters of protection of personal information;
  • Development of a schedule for retention and destruction of the PI;
  • Draft of a Response plan or “intervention protocol” in the event of a breach of privacy/confidentiality;
  • Development of a privacy impact assessment guide for any planned information system acquisition, development, or redesign or any electronic service delivery project involving the collection, use, disclosure, retention or disposal of PI;
  • Support to the legal and regulatory watch;
  • Support to individuals concerned in asserting their rights and filing a claim, and in the process of any application and/or claim treatment;
  • Documentary organization of the compliance, actions taken for this purpose, complaints received, responses given, cases of breach of confidentiality, situations of non-compliance and actions taken to remedy the situation, decisions taken by the company in the context of the management of personal information, etc.

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Our expertise in access to information

  • Assessment and treatment of requests to access information received by public organizations and professional orders, including the application of exceptions to the access principle provided under the Law;
  • Representation of individuals or private companies having provided information to public organizations, including providing observations to ensure de confidentiality of the industrial, financial, trade, scientific, technical or union information provided;
  • Representation before tribunals, more specifically before the Commission d’accès à l’information;
  • Development of in-house directives or guides in matters of requests for information processes;

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