Bankruptcy and insolvency

  • Verifying debtor assets;
  • Verifying entries in the Index of Immovables and the RDPRM;
  • Drafting formal notices to debtors and guarantors as needed;
  • Drafting notices of exercise (executing guarantees);
  • Drafting voluntary surrenders;
  • Drafting notices of repossession of goods under conditional contracts of sale (vehicles and others);
  • Drafting various proceedings provided for in the BIA and various orders issued under the CCAA (proofs of claim, property claims, motions for permission to sell assets, attendance at creditor meetings and interrogation of insolvents, proceedings for nondischargeable debts, contesting decisions of trustees or controllers, etc.);
  • Providing representation in court in the event of a challenge to the proceedings;
  • Registering with the Index of Immovables or the RDPRM;
  • Analyzing securities held and those of other creditors;
  • Negotiating with trustees and controllers and drafting agreements with them;
  • Providing guidance and assistance with proposals to creditors or arrangements with creditors;
  • Preparing and negotiating postponement or tolerance agreements;
  • Analyzing orders issued under the CCAA and producing the required documentation.

Our Expertise 

Our team of bankruptcy and insolvency experts can step in at a moment’s notice to help you decide what to do or to act on your behalf when dealing with the various stakeholders involved in these types of situations.

We can guide you through the whole process, whether it falls under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) or the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA).

Our professionals know what to do in any situation, whether you need to restructure after filing a notice of intention for a proposal or a motion for the issuance of an original order; deal with a bankruptcy; appoint a receiver under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act; or for anything to do with the administration or devolution of an insolvent debtor’s assets.

We are well-positioned to deal with appointed trustees or controllers, their attorneys, and any other parties concerned in order to help you collect your debts or recover property in which you have a stake.

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Bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings can be arduous and complex.

Our expertise in bankruptcy and insolvency is built on decades of experience, which means we know what strategies, procedures, and approaches to use and what needs to be determined, when.

We also offer a number of other related services that, depending on the nature of the file, can be strategically deployed to improve your financial position.

The initial stages of any application can be crucial, even just in terms of meeting deadlines and deciding what information to disclose—and that’s before any legal proceedings are filed.

Our team will be there for you on the front line to implement the necessary strategies and make sure you complete all the preliminary steps in compliance with all applicable laws. What’s more, we have deep knowledge of the judicial workings of each of Québec’s districts and courts and will make sure your rights are respected.

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Looking for an expert ?

Contact us today to be put in touch with one of our legal professionals covering the entire Quebec territory.

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