Construction Law

Being one of the most highly regulated industries, the field of construction involves numerous obligations—contractual, administrative, and legal—which govern this specific sector of activities. In constant evolution and complying with specific demands and conditions, CAIN LAMARRE is able to offer you the services of a large team of professionals specializing in the particular workings involved in the management of this significant sector of activities.

Our expertise

Working in close collaboration with all the stakeholders in the field of construction, our team is able to equip and support you in reaching the next step of your construction projects, in executing your work, and in your development and daily management

Whether it is for the drafting of contractual documents or calls for tenders (public or by invitation) the analysis of bids and calls for tenders as well as the drafting, follow-up, or contestation of legal hypothecs for the construction, the issuing or maintenance of the licence issued by the R.B.Q., claims on deposits, and the enforcement of your claims, litigious or not, our professionals will advise you and represent you.

Our team has developed a pragmatic approach geared toward prevention and the search for legal, regulatory, and administrative solutions while being proactive, available, and creative. Our seasoned team will therefore be able to plan the best strategies with you—in all circumstances and at each stage of the mandate entrusted to us.

The scope of our services

Our professionals working in the area of construction law act for a diverse clientele doing business in the civil engineering, industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional sectors and with suppliers, real estate promoters, specialized contractors, general contractors, owners, managers, and professionals.

The diversity of our clientele enables us to analyze each file with a broad vision of the reality of each one for the project stakeholders.

The expertise of our professionals enables you to arrive at a custom solution, at whichever stage of your project, whether it is being executed, in mediation, in arbitration, or before tribunals.

Located throughout the entire province, our professionals specializing in construction law will accompany you to the place your project will come to life. Active in their own communities, they will equip you to navigate the particularities of the region or city in which your activities are expanding.