Title : Lawyer, Partner Year of call : 2008

Expertise : environmental law | municipal law | administrative law | circular economy

Hotline: 581 543-2703

Since joining Cain Lamarre, Karine Boies has built up experience in municipal, environmental, and agricultural law. She has further honed her skills by collaborating with other professionals on wide-ranging legal matters, authoring and publishing numerous articles, and giving lectures and training sessions for clients in her fields.

She has developed an understanding of the various aspects of municipal law—urban and land-use planning, tendering, ethics, expropriation, access to information, regulation, and other legal aspects connected with municipal governance—to complement her specialization: obtaining administrative approval from such bodies as Québec’s environment ministry and Commission de la protection du territoire agricole du Québec. She also acts as prosecutor in penal matters on behalf of a number of municipalities.

Assistant : Julie Beaumont


  • Environmental law (public hearings and BAPE hearings, quarries and sandpits, government controls, the environment in James Bay and northern Québec, waste management, penal offences pertaining to environmental law, hazardous materials , land protection and rehabilitation, water quality, air quality, and noise, appeal of government decisions)
  • Municipal law (access to municipal documents, land use and urban planning, municipal jurisdiction and regulatory powers, right of expropriation for public purposes, municipal taxation, functioning of municipal councils, elections, ethics, and professional conduct , contract management, penal offences pertaining to municipal law, preservation of agricultural land and activities, work relations , extra-contractual liability, remuneration of elected municipal officers)
  • Administrative law (access to information, professional conduct, ethics, and governance, preservation of agricultural land and farming activities (CPTAQ), administrative remedies, appealing government decisions)
  • Circular economy


  • LL.B., Université Laval (2007)

Professional experience

  • Cain Lamarre, Saguenay (2007 to present)

Lecturing, conferences, publications

  • “Employer’s guide,” a presentation to members of ADMQ, Baie-Comeau (2016), Alma (2016)
  • "Municipal finance management," a presentation given to members of ADMQ, Baie-Comeau (2016)
  • “Government authorizations and approvals” and “Volunteer organizations,” presentations to members of ADMQ in Alma (2016)
  • “Unsanitary building conditions,” a presentation to FQM members, Drummondville (2016), St-Jérôme (2015)
  • “A case law cocktail with regional flavor,” a workshop for COMBEQ members (2015)
  • “What emergency response mechanisms can municipalities use?” a presentation at the annual ADMQ conference (2015)
  • “Recent developments in contract management,” a presentation at the annual COMAQ conference in Bécancour (2015)
  • “Dealing with unsafe properties and nuisances in your municipality”, a webinar given for Québec Municipal (2014)
  • “The ABCs of creating an NGO in your municipality”, a workshop given as part of the ADMQ annual convention in Quebec City (2014)
  • “Keeping the extras under control: Best practices for reducing pressure”, a workshop given as part of the 46th COMAQ conference in Gatineau (2014)
  • “Keeping municipal business in order”, a training session delivered to municipal elected officials for FQM in Havre-Saint-Pierre (2014)
  • “The roles and responsibilities of municipal elected officials”, a training session delivered to municipal elected officials for FQM in Tadoussac, Saint-Honoré, and Havre-Saint-Pierre (2014), Saint-Félicien (2010), and Lac-Bouchette (2009)
  • “The roles and responsibilities of municipal elected officials and managers: A behind-the-scenes look”, a training session delivered for ADMQ, Alma (2014)
  • “Land decontamination and legal mortgages in construction: Protecting your debt”, a presentation given as part of the “Sols et eaux souterraines” conference held by Réseau Environnement in Montréal (2013)
  • “Entrepreneurship and innovation in compliance with environmental legislation”, a talk given at Salon PME : de la tradition à l'innovation du CEEUQAC, Chicoutimi (2013)
  • “Agricultural zoning in the province”, a presentation delivered to members of FQM in Lévis (2013), Granby (February 2014), Saint-Georges (2015) and Saint-Hyacinthe (2015)
  • “Municipal finance management”, a talk given to FQM members in Saint-Rémi (2012), Saint-Lazare-de-Bellechasse (2012), Chute-aux-Outardes (2013), Tadoussac, and Saint-Ignace-de-Stanbridge (2014) , Wotton (2015), l’Ange-Gardien (2015), Québec City (2015), Saint-Edmond-de-Grantham (2015), Saint-Sauveur (2016), Québec City (2016)
  • Next-generation tendering, a presentation to members of ADMQ, Alma (2012)
  • Bill 47: An Act respecting land use planning and development, a presentation for Cain Lamarre’s legal experts at the Cain Lamarre Lawyers’ Annual General Meeting (2012)
  • Ethics: It’s more than just legality!, a presentation at as part of Cain Lamarre Lawyers’ Annual General Meeting, with François Bouchard, Quebec City (2011)
  • Acting ethically and responsibly as a municipal elected official, a mandatory training session for FQM in Saint-Honoré (2011 et 2015), Saint-Ulric (2011), L’Ascension (2011), Les Escoumins (2011), Saint-Bruno (2011 et 2012), Chute-aux-Outardes (2014), Havre-Saint-Pierre (2014), Hébertville (2014)
  • Coauthored Chapter 8 of "Droit municipal : action et modes de regulation des différends,” a work in the Legis Pratique collection published by Éditions LexisNexis (2016)
  • Coauthor of “Fascicule 17 - fiscalité et finances”, Juri-Classeur Québec, droit municipal, Éditions Lexis Nexis (2013)
  • Coauthor of professional development activities for ADMQ members: “The ABCs of government authorizations and approvals,” “Volunteer organizations affiliated with a municipality: What are the ground rules?” (2016), “Manager and contractee: How to balance both tasks” (2013), “The roles and responsibilities of the municipal officer in charge of buildings and the environment, and of the municipal manager in their daily tasks” (2014), and “Managing municipal contracts in the wake of recent legislative changes” (2011)
  • Author of numerous articles on municipal and environmental law published since 2008 in a variety of journals (Bâtivert, a COMBEQ publication; Le Quotidien, a daily newspaper; municipal and environmental law Juriclips, published by Cain Lamarre; Le Scribe, the ADMQ magazine; Quorum, the FQM magazine; and Vecteur, the Réseau Environnement magazine)

Associations, committees, boards

  • President, board of directors, Réseau Environnement
  • Former president, Saguenay/Lac-Saint-Jean region, former member, board of directors, governance committee, and human resources committee of Réseau Environnement (previously)
  • Former Réseau Environnement representative on the MDDELCC advisory committee on administrative processes with regard to the environment (previously)


  • Young Female Personality of the Year, 2014 Gala de la Jeune Chambre de commerce de Saguenay