Montreal, September 15th, 2023 The Cain Lamarre law firm, thanks to financial support from Fonds Écoleader, is launching its 2023-2026 Sustainable Development Policy, an ambitious policy in the legal world, which is being implemented in its 14 offices across Quebec. The new policy comes as the result of thorough reflection and goes far beyond just the environmental aspects, embracing all issues surrounding sustainable development, including the social, economic and governance elements.

“Cain Lamarre is ‘walking the talk’ when it comes to sustainable development,” explains Yvan Bujold, President of the firm. “We want to lead the way not only in the legal world, but for all service companies, along a path that also helps promote staff retention and attract new talent,” he adds, specifying that the new policy is based on the guidelines of the BNQ 21000 Standard and on the Sustainable Development Goals issued by the United Nations.

The Policy was developed respecting the four methodological principles of design thinking which make it possible to obtain actionable results quickly while promoting a culture of innovation and sharing. Focused on carrying out tangible actions, the Policy puts forward four guidelines: Environmental Responsibility, Collaboration & Partnership, Continuous Improvement, and Transparency & Responsibility.

For example, the new Policy includes plans to optimize the sourcing of the firm’s material resources by prioritizing local purchasing and promoting circular economy strategies. The Policy also encourages setting up infrastructure that will stimulate the use of alternative modes of transportation, such as showers, changing rooms, secure places to store bicycles, etc. It also aims to improve the firms’ management of residual materials by establishing mandatory training for employees and installing waste sorting stations.

To learn more about the initiatives put forward by the Policy, visit the dedicated page on our website.

About Cain Lamarre

Governed by solid guiding principles and a commitment to serving its clients’ needs and expectations, Cain Lamarre’s team of more than 500 employees is supported by the firm’s distinctive model. Present across Quebec with 14 offices, Cain Lamarre is the firm best equipped to understand and handle the different realities across the province and therefore to better support and act as a true partner to its diverse clientele, while favouring a human-centric approach that makes all the difference.

About the Fonds Écoleader

The Fonds Écoleader provides guidance and support to Quebec businesses in their integration of a wide range of eco-responsible business practices and clean technologies. The Fonds Écoleader is an initiative of the Quebec government, coordinated by the Fonds d’action québécois pour le développement durable in collaboration with the Centre québécois de développement durable and Écotech Québec.