Transportation law

Cain Lamarre boasts an enviable reputation for its expertise in transportation law due in large part to its team of professionals dedicated solely to this area of expertise. Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the transportation industry since it is their daily world, and they fully master its many legal and regulatory complexities in Quebec, across Canada, and around the world. This makes them ideally positioned to provide valuable legal services in matters of transportation.

Sub-expertises in transportation law

  • Obligations of owners, operators, and drivers of heavy vehicles
  • Representation before government agencies
  • License applications
  • Criminal offences in and outside Quebec
  • Representation before criminal and civil courts
  • Contracts of carriage
  • Civil and contractual liability
  • Road transport law
  • Rail transport law
  • Maritime transport law
  • Air transport law
  • Interprovincial and international transport
  • International transport treaties
  • Business law pertaining to transport
  • Tax law pertaining to transport

Client work

Our clientele includes the main industry players—numerous road and school bus transportation companies, public transit networks, port and rail authorities, air carriers, and various transportation industry associations and groups.

Our lawyers are called on to handle cases with various components:

  • Administrative: representation before Commission des transports du Québec and the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario in cases of verification of conduct, representation before Commission des transports du Québec and the Ontario Highway Transport Board for transportation permit applications
  • Insurance: analysis of insurance contracts , representation with regard to damaged goods claims or accidents
  • Commercial and corporate: creation of corporate organizations, drafting of contracts, performing corporate overhaul, drafting credit, subcontracting, and warehousing agreements
  • Constitutional: application of transportation legislation and regulations, contestation of the constitutionality of laws and regulations
  • Taxation: tax planning, representation with regard to tax refunds
  • Labor and employment: labor relations, collective agreements bargaining, representation before courts in grievance adjudication
  • Litigation: representation before the courts (claim or defense), injunction in labor law cases, representation in claims cases, representation in penal litigations dealing with violations of road safety rules in Quebec, across Canada, and in the U.S., representation with regard to various infractions