Today, let’s meet the Cain Lamarre team that will help you raise this baby.

Bringing a real estate project to term is like raising a child until he can stand on his own two feet.  Once the purchase offer is secured, we quickly begin the due diligence process. 

Our title examination team overseen by Stéphanie Grondin, seasoned notary, needs to make sure that the expectant owner has the right title of acquisition, cleared of liens and defects. We anxiously await the results of this step as it is crucial to what comes next.

Once reassured that all is in order, it is time to implement a corporate and tax structure to build the financial stability of the project and ensure that all partners know their role in this new family.  Partners in our firm, Jean-François Hudon, lawyer and director of the Montreal office, and Antoine Michaud-Soret, tax lawyer, handle the details of this partnership.

Then, contemporary concerns create the need for new strategies such as choosing the suitable city or environment with our lawyer Valéry Gauthier, discussing land use planning and development with our notary Sophie Croisetière, overcoming construction hurdles, and handling issues regarding the licences required in order for the building to see the day. 

Just like for a child, the project cannot live on love alone and the new parents need to look to their surroundings for financing. An approval is far from guaranteed as personalities and wallets fluctuate. At this stage, issues regarding the project’s validity may appear and any bad management in the previous steps may be uncovered. It is also the stage where our partner Me Stéphane Lalande and myself focus on securing a cozy financial cushion for the future child.

And, since new baby equals cohabitation, Me Jean Leclerc, expert in commercial leases, takes care of regulating the relationship with the neighbours. 

Just like a child coming of age, the project is now starting to take shape. If the steps necessary to the project’s development were adequately followed, it is time for our accomplished notary, Catherine Béland, to prepare the legal documents needed for the preliminary contracts, and to draw-up the co-ownership agreement.

A charming notary team then guides our young child through his teenage years and towards professional success with the sale of condominiums, accompanied by Johanie Leduc, notary. 

If something falls apart, although it would be better to call him beforehand, our litigation partner, Me François Nantel, intervenes.

This is only a glimpse of my day-to-day which you might experience with a real estate project. We deal with many different areas and people locally, nationally, and internationally, such as the real estate industry, companies, public bodies, property owners, real estate promoters, co-ownership syndicates, and real estate investment trusts. 

To find out more about our complete service offer or simply to discuss your projects, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.